I should explain the name of the blog “Little Temujin”.
Our little one is not the typical blue eyed and blond Russian kid. Actually, he has big brown eyes, long lashes and brown (seems curly) hair. He is definitely mixed but we are not sure what races. So, in absence of a true family tree, we decided that he is a distant relative to the legendary Genghis Khan whose original name was Temujin.

"Adoption is when a child grew in its mommy's heart instead of her tummy."
Author: Unknown

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Silly Things We Say

No Touching
1) One of the times we were at Pier1 Imports we warned Vanie not to touch anything. Of course , that still didn’t stop him from touching pretty much everything he past and at the end breaking one glass ball (not sure why I was naïve enough to believe he will listen to me). After that incident, we keep telling him “NO TOUCHING” when is the any stores.
So… the following weekend we go to the same store and Jason and I start with “Vanie, remember, no touching anything in the store!” good 20 minutes before we get there. We get there and just before we go in Vanie says to us: “Remember, no touching! Only seeing!”
2) No the plot line for every store is “no touching”, the problem is that Valso starts screaming it at me when I touch something. I am pretty sure everyone in the Homegoods store heard him the other day. I guess we are not there yet – no touching means not touching … for everyone, not just him!

What’chya doing?
1) A few weeks ago I caught Vanie almost glued to the TV (too close up) and while he was watching he was resting one of his thumbs on his pants pocket. I startled him asking “Vanie, what are you doing?” (meaning why are you so close to the TV) and Vanie’s response was “Nothing, I am putting my hand in my pocket!” – I guess it’s my fault for not clarifying the question…
2) The newest thing now when asked what he is doing, Vanie responds “I not doin anything!”
That’s not so bad!
1) Last night, we had grilled salmon with mashed potatoes and Vanie pretty much refused to even try it until his dad made him understand he doesn’t have a choice. So, Vanie tries a mix of both on his fork and we get the following reaction with Vanie’s arms up in the air: “Ooh, that’s not so bad, mommy!!! I’ll eat it!”

Flip flops
It’s amazing what kids get excited about. We recently got Vanie flip flops and although I don’t think he finds them comfortable he still likes to wear them because mommy and daddy have and wear them, too. For the first few days after he got them, he would randomly go to his day, pat him on the back and say “Daddy, I have flop flops… they are MY flip flops, MINE!”

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