I should explain the name of the blog “Little Temujin”.
Our little one is not the typical blue eyed and blond Russian kid. Actually, he has big brown eyes, long lashes and brown (seems curly) hair. He is definitely mixed but we are not sure what races. So, in absence of a true family tree, we decided that he is a distant relative to the legendary Genghis Khan whose original name was Temujin.

"Adoption is when a child grew in its mommy's heart instead of her tummy."
Author: Unknown

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Preparing mentally to be alone with Vanie

Not much to report from us except that Jason leaves on Saturday and Vanie and I will be alone here for Christmas. Our 1st Christmas as a family and we won’t be together. Well, I look at it this way – Jason is going home so our other “baby”, Zorro, won’t be alone for the holidays. The plan is all of us to be united for NYE. Plus, there is still tons to do at home before our new family member arrives and Jason will have to get it all done in the next 2 weeks.

The good part is Vanie will get to meet his grandparents and aunt in Moscow – even if for 3 nights only. We were hoping to go to Bulgaria for a week or so but it turns out that Vani will be a Russian citizen and will need a visa for BG which we can not get on time because of all the holidays so … my family is coming out to meet us in cold Moscow.

Anya will drive Jason to the airport tomorrow. His flight is around 3:40 PM. Also, we will be taking Vani’s passport picture that day so it’s ready to apply for his Russian passport on Monday once his adoption papers are released.

We will be busy after Sunday: getting the adoption papers, applying for his passport, getting his medical exam done for the US embassy (part of the immigration visa requirements) and who knows what else. I hope the week goes by fast and we get to leave for Moscow soon.

I will keep you posted.

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