I should explain the name of the blog “Little Temujin”.
Our little one is not the typical blue eyed and blond Russian kid. Actually, he has big brown eyes, long lashes and brown (seems curly) hair. He is definitely mixed but we are not sure what races. So, in absence of a true family tree, we decided that he is a distant relative to the legendary Genghis Khan whose original name was Temujin.

"Adoption is when a child grew in its mommy's heart instead of her tummy."
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

[Not so?] Happy New Year!

I haven’t posted anything for a few days for a reason. Vanie and I arrived in the US sick and went straight to “Urgie Kids” since it was after hours. We were both put on antibiotics for ear infections.
After 2 days on the antibiotics, Vanie developed what we thought was a rash from it. The doctor warned us that rash and diarrhea could be side effects. It all seemed to fit. We went to the same place on Saturday morning to change the antibiotic … What we thought was a rash turned out to be (most probably) Varicella (chicken pox). :-(

It takes about 14 days for it to develop once it’s contracted which means he got it in Vladivostok. And now that I think about it, one of the families there mentioned that the orphanage their son was at was under quarantine for Varicella. So, Vani must have gotten it from him/ them.
The Varicella vaccination is usually done around 12 months of age and Vanie didn’t get it. Based on what the embassy doctor wrote in his vaccination chart “not routinely available”.

The poor kid has completely changed his sleeping schedule b/c of the time difference. Sleeps during day and screams from pain and itching at night. I don’t think I have been up after 2PM for so long since I was a teenager. Welcome to parenthood, I guess!

I just feel bad that we may have exposed so many other people and kids to the disease as we were on 2 planes and did go out to a few stores with Vanie b4 we knew what he had.

Ok, off to pick out a pediatrician as we are supposed to go see one tomorrow morning!

I will post again when I get the chance. Whish us luck and let’s hope Vanie gets better soon. I know he will, he is our little Temujin after all! :-)

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